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Biology Lab

The study of biology provides the students with the opportunities to develop an understanding of our living world. Biology is the study of life and its evolution of organisms and structure, functions, processes and interaction with each other and with their environments. The knowledge acquired through experiments and observation remains forever in the memory of the students. Thus, the role of the laboratories becomes a key component in understanding biology. Laboratories and experiments, enquiries and questioning helps the students to question, observe, experiment, experience with the scientific phenomena in their quest for knowledge of living things.

To comprehend our student's theory and experiments we have put up an infrastructure for our biology lab with necessary equipments, specimens and well maintenance. Practical's such as identification and observations of different plants and animals specimen, demonstration by charts and models, by microscope, by human bones model are carried out according to the CBSE norms and study structure. The Lab is well facilitated and students are with well trained faculty.