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The registration for the Nursery & L.K.G. Classes is conducted from February 4th to Feb. 15th of the corresponding year.

The Admission requisites

  • Parents should bring the original birth certificate of their wards along with them from Nagar Palika or Municipal Corporation at the time of registration. No other certificate will be accepted.
  • The photograph of the student is to be brought along with parents.
  • The selected students will be called to meet the teachers along with parents.
  • Registration will be done and admission would be given on the basis of the number of seats.
  • Children who are between the age group two and half to three and half, as on April first are eligible to seek admission in Nursery.
  • Children who are between the age group-three and half to four and half, as on April first are eligible to seek admission in L.K.G.
  • A new student joining from other school should be from a recognized school and he/she can not be admitted unless and until his/her T.C. is produced and moreover countersigned by the Education Officer/inspector of the State in which the school is situated.
  • The date of birth once entered in the admission register of the school will not be changed, as it is against law.
  • The management has the right to decide on what condition a pupil is admitted or detained in the school.